Rookie Roundup in Newbury Park – 2019

A group of Elmers got together on a Saturday to mentor a group of five Rookie Amateur Operators. Each Rookie had been licensed for less then three years. The result? An amazing experience for both the Rookies and the Elmers!

UPDATE: Our local Rookies took first place for Area 6 in the Multi-Op category! Congratulations from VCARS!

The Operators:

  • K3CAQ
  • KD6UTC
  • KM6GUE
  • KM6WNV
  • KM6WMW
KM6WMW learning the finer points of tuning SSB from AB6ET

The Elmers:

  • AB6ET
  • AG6AG
  • AG6AY
  • AI6YR
  • K6VQN
  • KK6UE
  • N6PK
  • W6NCT
  • W6RH