Ventura County Amateur Radio Society

VCARS Mission Statement

It is the primary mission of Ventura County Amateur Radio Society, known here after as VCARS, to provide a vehicle for individuals, clubs and civic organizations in Ventura County and surrounding regions, to expand the art of Amateur Radio through education and to promote the goodwill of the hobby to all who are desiring instruction and knowledge in Amateur Radio and it’s many technical aspects.• VCARS individual instruction and education programs will be provided to all persons and organizations affiliated with the art of Amateur Radio.

  • VCARS instructors will actively promote education through hands on experience including building projects and community involvement.
  • VCARS will provide the highest level of technical expertise through education by knowledgeable and experienced professionals in each radio technical discipline.
  • VCARS family participation is encouraged with programs for Novice through Extra Class licensees, targeted to all levels of understanding and age groups.
  • VCARS members are encouraged to develop new technologies and publish these results for the advancement of the art of Amateur Radio.
  • VCARS will offer technical communication assistance to municipalities and public services who have a need for greater understanding of the effects of radio
    communication and it’s effects upon the community at large.

VCARS membership is granted upon the full approval of it’s peers and is looked upon with admiration, dignity and respect by the Amateur Radio community at large. Focus of the membership is the fulfillment of the ideals chronicled above and not to be a club into it’s self but to move seamlessly in support of all amateur organizations.